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How Should Christians Prepare for Conflict Ephesians 6:11

God Loves You
God wants us to engage in doing good, but the world we live in seems to be bent on evil. With crime, addiction, broken homes, and broken hearts all around us, doing good sometimes puts a good Samaritan in the target zone of conflict. How do we do good and not fall as a victim of the evil we oppose?

Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. Ephesians 6:11, NIV*.

God Provides:
God has given us spiritual armor to fight against the darkness of the present world system. He has provided everything we need. He does not just say do good in my name and good luck while you are at it, no, he provides weapons for opposing evil, and the armor to withstand the attacks of wickedness.

Put it on:
The spiritual armor God provides to us is available to all but must be "put on. It is waiting to be taken up. At some point, we need to say I will wear the helmet of salvation I will be shod with the shoes of righteousness I will pick up the shield of faith. We cannot wander through the enemy's camp of this world without wearing the armor and survive spiritually. We cannot assume we have it in place.

The armor must be worn in its fullness; the breastplate without the helmet is not good since it exposes us to a head wound, or if you have a helmet but no sword you will be hard pressed to gain victory. We are offered a complete set of armor; it is foolish to fail to wear it all.

The Intent of Armor:
We don't wear armor so we can go to a beauty pageant and show off our armor. We are given armor and weapons for warfare. It is expected that we are going to fight the battles of the Lord.

The Game Plan:
We only need to stand against the devil's schemes, there is little about tactics in Ephesians 6 except prayer and the word of God. The victory is already won; we in faith pray and claim victory. We are to take our stand, in ancient warfare soldiers stood side by side in ranks to face the enemy to take your stand is to hold your ground.

There is no armor like God's armor. We have nothing that will equal it. It is perfectly suited to the battle against evil in such a way that no man-made armor is.

I recommend a reading of the entire chapter of Ephesians 6 to learn more about this subject.

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