Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can We Please God? Hebrews 11:6

God Loves You
Is it possible to please God? Can God who is so holy and shrouded in mystery that he is hidden from human view be pleased by anything sinful fallen human beings do?

"And without faith is it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." Hebrews 11:6, NIV.

There are many things that people do to try to please God.
  • Some try good deeds.
  • Some try religion.
  • Some try prayer or meditation.
  • Some try mystical disciplines.
  • Some try penance or self-punishment.
  • Some try self-denial such as fasting.
  • Some try sacrificial giving of time money or other things.
Some give up because they feel the impossibility of pleasing God is like chasing butterflies, it is a pretty thing but a waste of time.

It is possible!
If we say without faith it is impossible to please God then the other side of the matter is that with faith it is possible to please God. The Bible gives many examples of people who were unlikely to be accepted by God yet who were made right with God by their faith...
  • Noah made wine, he got drunk and cursed his son.
  • Abraham was a liar concerning his wife.
  • Moses was a murderer of the Egyptian taskmaster.
  • Rahab was a harlot.
  • David was an adulterer.
  • Isaiah confessed his unclean lips.
  • Jonah ran from obedience.
Just to list a few.

These patriarchs fell far short of perfection, but each one pleased God because they expressed faith in God's promise either in word or deed. Each found acceptance with God.

When God looks for faith what is he looking for?
God honors the smallest seed of faith. He wants us to believe that he exists and rewards those that earnestly seek him. He promises that if we seek him with all our hearts we will find him. (Jeremiah 29:13).

What is faith for me?
Faith is of the paramount importance, we come to God through faith, and it is by the same faith that we live the lives we live. Just as we trust God to give us salvation because of his work through his Son on the cross, so we trust him to give us blessings by the same work of his Son on the cross.

Where do I find faith?
Faith comes by the Word of God. "Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ." (Romans 10:17.) We must experience God's Word the Bible by reading it faithfully and daily, find a community of faith who live the Gospel and participate, and practice the discipline of prayer. These things build our faith.

If you are interested in beginning a new life of faith follow the link: click here.

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