Monday, April 30, 2012

Where To Find Personal Peace, John 14:22

God Loves You
We all want peace, not just world peace but peace within ourselves that is free from guilt, shame and regret. Where do we find it, and personally have it?

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; I do not give to you as the world gives." John 14:27, NIV

Peace is the absence of strife and conflict.  We want to have the peace that enables us to get along.  The peace the world gives socially is never more than temporary.  As society evolves instead of a golden age of thought and technology which blesses mankind with tranquility we have an age of warfare and strife unprecedented in recorded history.

You would think today we would have personal peace and fulfillment, yet we struggle to have peace from guilt and shame.  We search for it in education, philosophy, materialism, self-gratification, and even medication.  Still, we find personal peace eludes us.

Jesus offers us peace for he said, "Peace I leave with you..." He had an intentional act of leaving peace behind when his work was done, it was his purpose.  He left it to us as a trust, a gift, and as something to share.

He said it is "My peace."  It can only come from him.  Jesus of the Bible was a man of personal peace which was felt by those around him.  He lived a perfect life and had no sin to condemn him before the Father who is the judge of the living and dead.  His crucifixion was a substitution for our sins, he took our punishment and bought us peace before God and that gives us access to peace.

Jesus Gives Peace
He does not give the way the world gives, for what he gives is forever.  The best the world offers is temporary peace, with the fear of danger lurking in daily events. The peace Jesus offers transcends worldly peace.

We do not find his in a religion, or philosophy; we do not earn it, merit it, or even deserve it.  It is a free gift offered by the one who bought the gift with his blood on the cross.

Jesus offers inner and heavenly peace, a unique peace that only he can give, a peace that comes from his life, work, his death and resurrection.  He offers peace within and without, with humanity and peace with God. Jesus said, "Come unto me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest." Matthew 11.28. JKV.

The Prayer For Peace
Dear God, I confess I am troubled in mind and heart
I am troubled and fearful for today and tomorrow.
I know Christ is the Prince of Peace sent from The Father.
I know his death on the cross paid for all my sins
I know his resurrection is the assurance of victory.
I know you offer peace to those who accept it by faith.
I do now ask for this peace and receive it by faith.
When I rebel and embrace worry forgive me,
And guide me back to You and Your promise of peace.
I thank You now for the peace You will give me
And the blessings that this peace in me will be to others.

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