Monday, March 12, 2012

Where You Can Go When You Need Someone To Hold Your Hand. Isaiah 41:13

God Loves You
Sometimes we reach out in desperation for find comfort, at those times it would be good just to have a hand to hold while we cry, mourn, or go through anguish.

"For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee 'Fear not; I will help thee.'" Isaiah 41:13. JKV.

This verse reminds us in triplicate just who is holding our hand, he says "I the Lord Thy God."  The Almighty is making a powerful point by the personal pronoun "I," He is not sending someone else, even the wisest, smartest and most caring person would fall far short of God who is always by your side, he is saying don't get it wrong it is Me coming for you.
Second He is the "Lord," the sovereign; ruler and king of all, who has all authority and dominion; His every command is to be obeyed, He is the one who is coming to hold our hand.
Third He is "thy God," God is personal he wants us to know him as our God, not just a god of a religion or a part of a creed he is our God.

He will hold our "right hand" the hand that is for most people the dominate one: often stronger, but not only stronger it is more sensitive to touch more trained and in tune.  He holds the hand that most connects to who we are.  We may hold a hand while we walk on a dark and unfamiliar path, or while we cry, or receive bad news; God does not hold our hand only at one particular time, we may be confident his hand is available all the times we need him.

God is not silent in our grief, he has a message.  He is speaking but sometimes we are so self-absorbed (and understandably so) during our times of trial when we are suffering too much to hear His comfort.  Even if we don't hear them He still has words of comfort, guidance and lessons in the times of our sorrow.

Here God speaks directly to our hurting hearts; He says "fear not. I will help thee."  If God says fear not then we can be confident and should not fear, after all He is God.  He promises to help us, and this should give us much to rejoice in; we can look to and expect God to help us.

This verse expresses the willingness of God to comfort.  He desires to be our counselor, confident, and intimate.  He is holding out his hand for us to take and to experience his love.

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