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What Happens When a Christian Has a Vision. Revelation 1:17

God Loves You
What happens when a Christian has a mystical experience, a vision, or a private revelation?

"When I saw him I fell at his feet as though dead,. Then he placed his right hand on me and said, Do not be afraid, I am the first and the last."  Revelation 1:17, NIV* .

The Apostle John's revelation is recorded in the Bible in the Book of Revelation.  It is a vision of Jesus.  We all long for a "Spiritual Mountain-top" experience and would love to see a vision of Jesus.  The Apostle John did and the vision caused him to fall "at his feet as though dead."  Seeing the Lord can be a dreadful thing and still a wonderful beautiful experience.

John's vision was from the Lord because it brought glory to the Lord, not to John, or an institution or any other entity.

We should all have a deep desire to see the Lord. To do this we should:

     * Read the Bible, to hear his words.
     * Pray, to commune with Him.
     * Meet with and fellowship with others who love Jesus.
     * Serve, to share in His work.
     * Confess and repent of those things that offend Him.

Jesus’ first words were compassionate, "Do not be afraid..."  The Bible is full of instructions to "Fear the Lord," and when we see an example of someone who really does the Lord gently touches him and comforts him.  It is as if we can fear the Lord without any fear.  This kind of Jesus we all need.

"I am the first and the Last..." How deep and powerful those seven words are! He is the "First and Last" in the Bible, in history, the plan of mankind's salvation, in the purposes of heaven, in the activities of angles, and in the heart of God.

We should ask ourselves, "What is Jesus to me?  Is he my first and last?"  Making Jesus our First and last means many things.  It may mean to make his agenda ours, or to see people like he does, or to consider him in our decisions.  We should ask, "Would it please Jesus if I did this or that."  We must consider, would Jesus be happy with how we am spending my time, or money.  "Would Jesus approve of this activity," and, "How would Jesus treat this person."

The vision requires a response. We must decide to make Jesus our 'First and last."It is a good and wise decision. He is the "First and Last" with or without me. If we don't make Jesus our "First," We will look back at life someday and see ourselves winding up last.

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