Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What the Bible Says to do During Times of Peace And Quiet 1 Chronicles 22:17-19a

God Loves You
Are you looking forward to a time of peace and quiet, or a time of relaxation, maybe a vacation or a retirement? If so how should you spend that time?

"Then David ordered all the leaders of Israel to help his son Solomon. He said to them, 'Is not the Lord your God with you? And has he not granted you rest on every side? For he has handed the inhabitants of the land over to me, and the land is subject to the Lord and to his people. Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God..."

The words above conclude King David’s life. He explained that God is with them and has granted peace or rest to them on every side. So, in other words, they were entering a golden age, all the battles were behind them, they had peace on every side and on every level. They were entering a time free of enemies, dept, woe, famine, and fear, it was a time of prosperity, rest, and plenty- a time of blessing.

What were they to do during this time of peace? Were they to improve their golf swing, vacation on the beach, or scrapbook? No, they were to seek The Lord. In times of trouble, even the hardened seek God, (they say there are no atheists in foxholes), but there is a purpose for peace and plenty, it is a time to seek God. We want to take our rest and use the golden days to enjoy ourselves and reward ourselves for our toil, but God's design is for the time of peace to be a time of seeking Him. It is in the time of peace that the temple was built.

The words above leave no doubt about the emphasis in the words, "Devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord." This is not a halfway measure it is not just a Sunday morning thing, but to devote yourself is to give yourself to something. There is no stronger emphasis than to devote heart and soul to the task at hand. This means all our intellect, strength, emotions, time, energy, and resources, are exclusive to seeking God.

Maybe we come to some days or seasons of peace and quiet in our lives. They are the golden opportunities to seek God. Indeed they are days designed by our very Creator to be used for seeking him. No matter what season you are in, a foxhole of danger or a golden day of blessing, the purpose of God is that we seek Him.

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