Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prayers in the Dark: Psalm 142:1

God Loves You
There are many types of prayer. Perhaps the truest is from the heart, but we often draw back from expressing our despair and dark side in prayer to the Lord of Light.

“I cry aloud to the Lord; I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy. I pour out my complaint before him; before him I tell my trouble.” Psalm 142: 1, 2, NIV.

This psalm expresses the deep-felt grief; in it, someone brings anguish before the Lord. It was not a flowery prayer full of beautiful prose, but an honest expression of the troubles and woes of a person seeking comfort in the Lord.

What words of desperation! "I cry aloud to the Lord," This person is holding nothing back. He is literally howling his prayer. "I lift up my voice," he is shouting to God like he will be heard no matter what. He says, "I pour out my complaint," He is dumping it all on the Lord.

To pour something moves it from one container to another, so this person is emptying all the complaints. A complaint is is a charge against someone or a statement of unhappiness. I tell my trouble, they are holding nothing back. Trouble is distress like when life is out of control.

This example of honest prayer is liberating. We can pour out our hearts, our pain, and our complaints to the Lord. We seldom hear a prayer like this in a church where leaders want to look all clean and victorious. But real people have problems and hurts, and sometimes we fail and sometimes we are just down in the dumps. We should not refuse this kind of prayer because we feel it is not spiritual enough. God wants our honest and true hearts to come before him.

That this is in the Bible tells me it is ok to bring it all to God; that I may lay it all out and tell Him the good the bad and the ugly of my thoughts and life and not hold anything back.

Prayer brings us face to face with the Lord Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and it awesome that we can pray this way to He Who Commands All Things. Prayer is coming "before him" To come before a king or a judge is to come to a place of submission and to come with humility. We may offer an irreverent prayer of complaint but still revere God who is listening. Prayer like this is the fruit of suffering but also the fruit of a trusting relationship with the King of Kings.

Let’s not hold back from lifting our voice to cry out and give it all to the Lord.

If you want to learn more about how to have a relationship with the Lord follow THIS LINK.

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