Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some Fatherly Advice- Victory. Proverbs 21:31

We face many "battles," some we can anticipate like calendar dates where we note a paper is due or a test is given. Some battles come without warning, like a debate in the lunchroom. The Bible points to the attitude that leads to success.

"The horse is made ready for the day of battle but victory rest with the Lord.” Proverbs 21:31. NIV.

REST This verse makes two points. First, though victory may “rest with the lord” you must do all that you need to do to be “ready.” Preparing a horse for battle took a lot; it must be properly shod with iron shoes, harness, saddles and even armor must fit securely. A warhorse had years of training for speed and strength and to follow the commands of the rider. Much time and expense was spent getting a horse ready for battle, so also we must not neglect the hard work.

Rest is not a battle word; or a concept consistent with conflict. You rest after the battle, but here victory is associated with rest; as if it is done, finished and waiting. Imagine victory resting in the palm of God’s outstretched hand and He is extending that hand to you. Victory is waiting for you to take it, only we must receive it by faith.

VICTORY The second and greater point is that, “victory rest with the lord.” You do everything you can to be ready but you know it is God who gives victory. He is the one who inspires the professor to give the good grade. He is the one who causes the judges to rule you the winner of the contest. He is the one who brings the audience to give a standing ovation. God invented “Victory” it is His possession and He gives victory to whom He will.

These truths call for practical faith. Since victory “Rest with the Lord” we must acknowledge Him and His Victory. Here are some suggestions:

     * Pray each time you begin your study time, open your book, or begin your project. (Simply, like saying grace at dinner it need not be complicated).
     * Pray before you train or practice skills or prepare for a task.
     * Thank God in advance for the victory He has for you.
     * When you turn in a project or give a performance tell God you accept His will for the results.
     * When you receive the results acknowledge God’s provision, both to God in prayer and verbalize it to others.

We must be like the soldier who has his horse trained and equipped always ready for battle; we need to study, to practice, to work diligently. The Day of Battle can be the hour of victory if it is prepared for with many moments of Faith.

My Prayer for Victory
Father, God of all Power and Lord of Victory,
I look to You on this chasm edge of battle’s dread.
I have made all the preparation that I ever can,
Even that readiness has been by Your potency.
I surrender to You, and go forward in Your name.
I ask You to grant success for success rest with You.
Win or louse, good or ill- I accept what You provide;
Knowing my good is ever what Your love desires.
I give You thanks now though I have not seen the results.
I know I will give thanks soon in joyous celebration.

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