Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Man’s Hope in the Darkest Night Lights the Way for us All. Daniel 6:23 NIV

God Loves You
We all have dark times and ask where can we find hope. The Bible tells of a man who lived in dark times but he knew where to look for hope.

We can learn hope from the man who kept faith when everyone was against him. His jealous enemies fabricated a law that no righteous man could obey; a law that forbade prayer to any god but the king. In spite of a possible death sentence he continued to practice a thrice daily prayer at his window. He was cast in the lions den, where a stone was rolled over the entrance and sealed until the following morning. In the morning he was still alive and…

"The King was overjoyed and gave orders to lift Daniel out of the den and when Daniel was lifted from the den, no wound was found in him because he trusted in his God." Daniel 6:23. NIV.

Faith does not guarantee we will be spared testing, rather the faithful are proved in the test. Daniel faithfully served God but he still went through that night in the lions den. He trusted God not only in the darkness of the night but in the darkness of not knowing; he did not know if he would be delivered or slain like other martyred prophets. Daniel trusted God before he went into the lions den, and he trusted God while in the lions den. We may experience our own lion’s den, one of despair, or illness or loss; but like Daniel we must trust God. God loves us and has a plan for deliverance; we may not understand it but must resolve to be like Daniel and trust.

Daniel trusted God and God moved the king to favor Daniel. In the morning the king came himself and gave orders, he didn’t just send a secretary. Our God the King of Heaven is watching vigil over our dark night too. At the right time God will give orders to bring us out of the depths of despair.

Daniel was lifted out of the den. The king didn’t tell Daniel to climb out; instead he commanded others to lift Daniel out. Daniel didn’t need to climb at all; no, he just needed to let himself be lifted. Like Daniel we need to have faith in God and allow God to lift us.

No wound was found on him because he trusted in his God. Daniel came out alive, and not just alive he was untouched by the lions. God honored Daniel for his trust in Him, this gives us hope.

Daniel is an exception in the lives of the saints. There is no guarantee that we will have the same deliverance like Daniel or be spared of wounds. But the Bible guarantees this- you may have his God. The God of Daniel is waiting to be your God. He rewards those who look to Him in faith. Daniel’s faith was expressed in his prayers and we may in prayer call on God for our personal deliverance.

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