Thursday, March 25, 2010

Expectation in The Morning Psalm 5:3.

God Loves You
Our faith is different from former generations.  We turn to God as the last hope.  Having finally sought God’s help we wonder and doubt if He will come through.

“In the morning, Oh Lord, you hear my voice, in the morning I lay my request before you, and wait in expectation.” Psalm 5:3, NIV.

Unlike us today God was not the last thought of the ancient psalmist.  He began his day by lifting his voice to his beloved Lord.  His "morning" was pre-dawn. He was up before the first light of day and he was speaking to God; it was not a few scraps of thought at the worn-out end of the day.

God was dear to David, you see it when he says, "Oh Lord" we get a sense that David would rush to meet his God no matter what the hour.

He brought his request to God and left them there.  His request was submitted humbly and if God chose to take them up it is well, and if God chose not to then he humbly accepted what came from the hand of God.

He waited in "expectation" because he was confident that not only would The Almighty God of All take up his request but that his request would be more than met in the All-Powerful Lord of the Universe.

He did not doubt.  The expectation is a sure anticipation; it is a confident knowing that something would happen.  With this attitude of expectation he "waits." He keeps vigil knowing by faith the answer will come. He does not say, “I prayed and now I give up it is over and we are lost.” Or “I’ve done all I could do, I prayed, maybe things will turn out ok.” NO, he is confident; he is about to explode in praise, rejoicing, and celebration since the answer is coming at any moment.

Why did he have such confidence?  It is because he knew his God.  He knew the character of God, that God is faithful, holy and just.  He knew because he spent time with God early in the morning and no doubt through the day.  His God was the first thought of his morning and the foundation of his days. Our God is the same today but where are those who are up early laying their request before him and waiting in expectation and prepared to celebrate the answer?

May we follow the example of the ancient shepherd king and pay whatever the price to know with such confidence the God of the universe.

If you want to know more about how to personally know God in your life follow this link my other post.

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