Monday, December 14, 2009

Is There Good In My Suffering? Romans 8:28.

God Loves You
Does the suffering I go through have any good purpose?

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18.

The Apostle Paul, who wrote the quote, was persecuted, outcast, flogged, stoned, beaten with rods, castaway at sea, imprisoned unjustly, abandoned by friends and supporters, afflicted with an incurable ailment he dubbed the “thorn in the flesh,” and finally a martyr’s death. Yet, he states these, "sufferings are not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in us."

Paul the intellectual said, "I consider," this great thinker came to a great conclusion, "Look beyond this life." We should focus on God’s purpose and not our problems. Heaven is the home of God who is infinite, so His Heaven must also be infinite; infinitely beautiful, immeasurable, joyous, safe, peaceful, abundant, etc.

To compare is to note the differences and similarities. The difference between our suffering and God’s purposes are so infinitely great that there is no comparison. If you measured your troubles in inches the measure of God’s Glory in us would be light years. Paul is saying, “God’s glory in us is so great I just can’t ponder it.”

No one understands God’s Glory. To see God’s glory meant death in the Old Testament yet He is revealing it in those who have faith in Him. God is working in our lives, we may have a problem with temper or lying, and of course God is gently working on those things but this “glory” is much higher than character improvement.

No matter what trial you face you can endure testing with hope. God wants us to trust Him. In the Bible God always rewarded trust, the deepest test asks deeper trust which brings fuller blessings in this life and beyond, so don’t compare- trust. Our present afflictions are only for a time. Remember this life is not all, maybe it is just a shadow of the truth. Our loving Father is making us ready for a greater reality; He is making us ready for Himself, heaven, and for Glory.

To read Romans 8 in its entirety click here.

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