Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Can I find Out What God Is Like? Psalm 34:8

God Loves You
Do you ever wonder what God is like? How do you find out- really find out?

“Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8 NIV.

God invites us to taste Him, to get to know Him.
To taste something requires several things.
     • Willingness.
     • Decision to put it in your mouth.
     • An action to actually put it in your mouth.
     • Openness to set aside previous opinions.
     • Conclusion, “is the taste good or bad?”
     • Someone else can’t do it for you.

A "taste” is a sample, not a big gallop. It is a start.

How can you sample God? Read His Word The Bible. Find people who are living for God and get acquainted or attend their worship. Spend time in prayer.

Tasting leads to seeing, to see something is to look with perception. You have to be open, and willing to let God change your ideas.

When we taste we find that God is "good." The Psalmist could have said God is righteous, God is holy, or God is all powerful; and these things are true, but he wrote, God is good, because it is the foundation of all the other truths about God. If God is not good He is not holy or just or all powerful.

Because God is good He does what is good. We may not understand His actions in our lives but we can know they are motivated by good.

The goodness of God draws our hurting hearts and painful lives until we find He is our refuge.

We must "take" refuge in Him, the choice is ours, He does not force us to come to Him, He invites us.

God makes an invitation. He calls us to know Him, and if He calls us to know Him then He must be knowable and willing to be known.

Maybe it is time to "taste and see;" maybe it is time to reexamine the God of the Bible and the message of his Son. If that is the case see my other blog about the gospel.

A prayer

Dear God, You alone are good,
You say, "come and be welcomed."
I am prepared to be open.
I am ready to give You a chance.
Please conquer my prejudice
About the kind of God you are.
Show me the true You.
I am willing to make the effort.
I ask that I may know You
As God who is truly good.
May I know Your blessing.
May I find You as my refuge.
Thank you Father.

(c) Adron

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