Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who To Look To When No One Is On Your Side? Psalm 73:25

God Loves Youu
Who do you turn to when the world has let you down?

“Whom have I in heaven but you, and earth has nothing I desire beside you.” Psalm 73:25, NIV.

No matter what our treasures are the best we can have is God. The author of this verse was so passionate about God that all other blessings were nothing in comparison. He would pass all the world's treasures without a glance to have God.

He looks beyond angels, cherubim, patriarchs and saints to the One who is the advocate, defender, and sustainer of his life. No other being created us, and no angle died for our sins, no other stands with scarred hands pleading our case. Only Jesus made salvation possible for us on the cross and now he sits in heaven as our advocate.

Who can say, “And earth has nothing I desire beside you?” Desire is longing and wanting with a hopeful anticipation until it fills our thoughts. The psalmist saw that God is more beautiful and fulfilling than the best the world has to offer; nothing comes close to God.

Our world tries to make us desire this or that. Things alone by themselves are not evil, but they are nothing compared to God. Fascination with the material goods of this world is a waste of time at best and possibly sinful at worst.

     * Pray for a heart of devotion.
     * Read the Bible more and see God clearer.
     * Put away and repent of things that lure me from God.
     * Stop serving the things of this world.
     * Find ways to serve God.

God made us and we are only fulfilled when we come to God. We, however, try to fulfill the purpose God has for us in other ways. God designed us so that we find fulfillment in serving Him.

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