About Me


I love God and His Word. I hope my life will become a thankful life of worship and faith.

I came to faith in Jesus as my Savor in 1972 and have been faithfully following him ever since.

I have attended churches of several denominations over the years and appreciate the variety of expressions of faith in today's Christianity. Wherever I have attended I been chosen for responsibilities of service, so I bring four decades of experience and thought to my writings on faith.

These days I serve at a Baptist Church where I teach Sunday School and volunteer at the kids Awana ministry.

Writing has been a hobby for all of my life. I not only write essays but I also write poems inspired by my faith in God, many are formatted a prayers. Much of my poetry is free verse, but it is not casual or without form and I am writing more poetry that rhymes.

My biggest project is to write a prayer poem for each day of the year, this will take a long time since it takes a couple of weeks to write a decent prayer or poem. You can read my collection of poems at my blog: Poems and Prayers of a Pilgrim in Sneakers.

I write stories for my kids in church which can be found in my blog Tales From The Pilgrim's Journal, each one teaches a lesson or illustrates a truth.

I hope God uses my writing to encourage and comfort others. I have found that God has brought me through all the tough times in my life and I hope that my meditations and devotions from the Bible inspire others during their own trials.

If my poems and inspirational devotionals are an encouragement to you please take a moment and pray for me.

Thank you
And God Bless,
Your Friend,