Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How Can I Understand What The Bible Is Saying?

God Loves You
Why is it that I just do not seem to understand the Bible?  Is there some secret to understanding it?

Left alone our minds remain closed to the Word of God. The scriptures are spiritual but our nature is not. We need someone who is spiritual to open our minds. The answer may be in The Gospel of Luke 24:25.

“And he opened their minds that they might comprehend the scriptures.” Luke 24:45.

The verse above is from the passage where the resurrected Christ reveals himself to the disciples. In the midst of his teaching is this statement that he opened their minds to understand the scriptures. These men had been with him for three years and you would think that if anybody knew the scriptures it would be the students of Jesus, but they still needed to have their minds opened.

He opened their minds. Jesus can do this because of who he is; he is the Living Word of God. We cannot open our minds in this way; at best we can be open to ideas. Education, meditation, seminars, books and every other system and method will fail to open our minds to God's Word- only Jesus can do that.

To say might means possibly, it is not an absolute guarantee of something.  It means the ability is there but access or use is lacking.

Our minds are naturally closed to spiritual truth and godly teaching. Our sin has blocked us from receiving it and our world system has conditioned us against it.

Our minds must not remain closed. In one sense we must be open and willing to let go of preconceived ideas and old attitudes so we can receive his teaching.

To comprehend is not just a taste or a sample but is to fully understand all the way around.  God desires us to know him this way; it is His will that we understand the Bible because it is his will that we understand him.

There are no secret mysteries in the Bible but there are things that we are not ready for, and so they seem mysterious, and those who do not know God say they are mysteries.

The scriptures are holy writings, and they come from a holy God whose ways are far above our ways; there is no way we can understand them alone. We must pray and ask God to open our minds we must be open and then in faith diligently study it.

Understanding the Bible does not come from osmosis we have to apply ourselves to study the Word with a prayerful attitude asking Jesus through his Holy Spirit to open our minds.

If you do not have salvation you will never comprehend the Bible, but when you become born again God gives you His Holy Spirit to teach you His word. To find out more about how to get saved follow the link to my other blog about the Gospel.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I sincerely hope this post is helpful and an encouragement.  
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