Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Does It Mean To Wait And Hope For The Lord, Psalm 33:20

God Loves You
Sometimes we struggle and then we call on the Lord and expect something to happen but it looks like nothing is going to happen; we wonder if something went wrong with prayer or with our faith.

"We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield." Psalm 33:20.

It is hard to wait.  In our modern times we are conditioned to get things quickly, but it is even harder to wait when we have a crisis or difficulty.  God is not neglectful or slow but He is purposeful, His timing is directed by His love for us.   His delay may have more to do with us becoming ready for the answer than it is about Him taking time to prepare the answer

To hope engages waiting with a purpose or an expectation.  Hope is based on understanding who God is and his purposes in our lives.  Not knowing God causes our hope to feel empty, but when you know the Lord and are growing in that knowledge then your hope is bright and full.

A lord is a governor or ruler, God is not the only creator of all things He is also the ruler who commands and controls all things; if you are going to hope in someone that is the best someone to hope in.  Not only is He the all-powerful creator and ruler of all things He is also the loving Father who sent his son to be the sacrifice to take our sins and offer us eternal life.

There is no maybe, wishful thinking, or doubt, but this is a positive affirmation statement, which states a fact that the Lord is our help.

A helper comes alongside you so the two of you can work together.  Imagine what it would be like to move a heavy load with the help of a kind Olympic weight lifter, you know he can do the bigger and harder part, so if the All-powerful One is your help He can do the harder part in your situation too.

This goes beyond helping for God becomes the shield- a wall of protection.  God becomes something we could not become or even help in becoming, He actually is our place of refuge.  We can hide in Him in His love and comfort.

The problem with waiting is that it is not over quickly and we must resolve to continue to wait, but we can go through our trials and struggles knowing that God is beside us.  Our lives are a relationship with God and when we engage Him then the waiting is not only endurable but leads to the blessing of knowing him better.

We can hope and look forward to seeing his deliverance.

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