Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How Should A Christian Respond To Critics?

This short blog post gives an example of one who had critics but thrived in spite of them. I hope it comforts and encourages us all.


It seems that people are against us, what can we do to cope and overcome against adversaries? The Bible tells of one who had trouble with critics.

"This is the answers they gave us, 'We are servants of the God of heaven and earth, and we are rebuilding the temple that was built many years ago." Ezra 5:11.

The people of Israel returned from captivity to a Jerusalem and temple that was destroyed.  Ezra's enemies demanded Ezra identify himself and his followers as they proceeded to rebuild the temple.

Maybe Ezra was not willing to reveal his identity and his followers, but this bold statement is full of significance.

First, we all serve somebody.  The universe is divided into two camps- the camp of the holy, and the camp of evil.  Jesus said it too, "He who is not with me is against me." (Matthew 12:30,  Luke 11:23).  Ezra was confident in who he served, this made him bold.

Ezra had perspective, his answer was like saying, "Don't ask us, instead you should ask our master, we are servants of God."  Our critics are not criticizing us they are criticizing God.

Ezra was accountable to his commission; his answer was like saying, "We do not need to answer you, we answer to God, and we report to him not any king."  If we are doing God's will those who criticize us do not stop us.

To say they are servants of God says that they are obeying the Almighty's command. If we are obeying The Lord we can have confidence in spite of what others say.

The place of a servant is a humble place. We must be humble as we serve.

The God of Heaven and Earth outranks a mere emperor, and he outranks our enemies.

The emperor's officials may worship another deity but the God of Heaven and Earth is still over the official and over his god.

Ezra did not serve some vague force or mystical being; he had a solid understanding of who God is.  His dedication to God must have led him to seek to learn, understand and know God.  This gave him confidence. If we do not know God this way we will not have this confidence.

They had a commission from God to rebuild His temple and so that is what they were going to do. No matter who opposed them they were still going to obey God.  Our commission should be our confidence.

They were focused and were not going to let the critics distract them from the task.  We must resolve to keep our focus.

Today we are servants of the same God and we have a commission to build up His church - His dwelling in the earth.   We need the same humble resolve as Ezra.

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