Sunday, December 28, 2014

How Can I Find Strength To Carry On?

God Loves You
Sometimes we feel too tired of the struggle to go on, and ask, where can we find strength for another day?

"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak." Isaiah 40:29.

We look for strength in many places like friendship, stoicism, education, and self-will; but there is one place where we are sure to find it. God is able to give you strength. God is willing and he is not one to give up. He will be there to give you strength when you come to him.

God gives strength freely, we do not have to buy or earn it- just ask.

The strength that God gives is the strength of faith, and of spirit, and we can receive his strength for our weakness when we come to in faith.

Sometimes it is good to be weary. When we are aware of our need we are able to ask for help. If we are prideful we may be weary but no better off because we refuse to be humble and ask for God's grace.

We may grow weary of waiting for God to answer our prayers and bring deliverance by conquering our problems for us, but strength and power to endure through them may be the best answer to those prayers.

God can give what we need and more; he is willing to give not only strength but also power.

Strength is not enough if you can't act, but power is the strength that moves with direction and purpose. Power is the releases strength.

In our weakness, our faith can make us strong. The apostle experienced this and said, "When I am weak then am I strong." We see in this testimony the power of God working through him in the situation. 2 Corinthians 12:10.

Though we are weak and faint we may find power and strength not in ourselves but in God when we look to him to supply it. It may not be the power to overcome trials but to thrive in them.

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