Sunday, October 5, 2014

What is The Best Advice Ever? Proverbs 4:23

God Loves You 
What is the one bit of advice that Solomon the wisest man wrote in his book of proverbs that is a must? If you only learn just one what one should it be?

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." Proverbs 4:23.

This is to give it the first importance, the highest priority, and make it the number one thing in the agenda book. This is a call to be diligent, and not sloppy.

There are many things that we need to attend to (and legitimate too) but the most crucial one is this.

The palace guard stays on watch every hour of every day, they may change personnel but there is always someone on duty. A good guard stays alert, is ever ready, watches for danger, and keeps his equipment in order with his weapon ready.

In the Bible the heart is the seat of affections, emotions, reasoning, and thinking. From this we have our moral center. This makes it too valuable to neglect.
Guard Your Heart

The heart needs to be watched since it is prone to wander and deceive.

Our conduct comes from our heart; all the issues of life and every choice or decision you make will be guided by it.

The origon of everything you do flows from your heart. It is the source and birthplace of your thoughts and actions.

Something that is flowing can't be changed or stopped. This word is used in a present tense that the flowing is always going to flow.

     * Keep yourself free of vanity.
     * Keep your doctrine free from error.
     * Turn from your sins,
     * Be faithful in prayer,
     * Meditate on God's Word.
     * Seek companionship of good people who love God.
     * Keep your affections on God and His work.

If your heart is right with God your life will be right, if your fill your heart with garbage your life will be trashy.

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