Saturday, April 5, 2014

Does God Hear The Prayer Of The Heart

God Loves You
Sometimes we pray aloud, maybe in church or a formal setting, and sometimes we have to pray silently in our heart; does God hear the silent prayer, does he honor it as much as public prayer?

"Before he had finished praying, Rebecca came out with her jar on her shoulder. She was the daughter of Bethuel, son of Milcah who was the wife of Abraham's Brother Nahor." Genesis 24:15. "Before I finished praying in my heart Rebecca came out with her jar on her shoulder..." Genesis 24:45.

Abraham told his servant to go the land of his relatives and bring back a wife for his son Isaac. The servant arrived at the town where he waited by the well and prayed for God to show him by a specific test who was the one he should bring back. While he was still praying the answer literally walked up to him.

Only a real friend knows your heart and God is more attentive than any friend he searches your most deep thoughts. He knows your history and what brought you to this point. Your heart has no secrets from him.

God gives us free will and will not violate that, so he does not force answers to the prayers we have not prayed. He is waiting for our declaration of faith by our request.

It was a prayer of faith. The servant had learned faith from Abraham. Perhaps he saw faith in action through Abraham's great struggles or the servant watched it in his master's daily life. It was a simple faith and God honored it immediately.

God knows the thoughts of your heart; he knows your fears and your feelings. It is logical that he hears the prayer we pray in silence without uttering a word out loud.

If you pray out loud or silently you can pray confidently, God listens to what is in our hearts as much as what comes out of our mouths.

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