Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why Do All These Bad Things Happen To Me? James 1:2

Why Do These Things
Happen To Me
You might say that you are a good person and believe in God and love Jesus but there are so many
problems and tribulations in your life, that you ask, "Why what's wrong?"

"Consider it joy my brothers when you encounter various trials of many kinds for you know the testing of your faith produces endurance." James 1:2-3 

To consider something is to put thought in to it, or to rest your thoughts on it; it is like the concluding statement, but not just a statement it is an action statement that requires a response. For this verse to start with consider is to say live out have this opinion.

Joy is more than happiness, it is like the apex of happiness. Happiness is external and is submissive to the circumstances around us, but joy comes from within.

We experience problems, trials, tests and just about everything else, there is not just one kind of trial that we encounter there are many and there is always another that you never suspected lurking around the corner, but each has a purpose.

Our faith is the point. It is not about you but it is about God and your relationship to God and what you think of him.

There is a purpose in the trials; they produce something that cannot come any other way- character. If there was no test there would be no faithfulness, no patience, no long view of life, and we would be no better off.

God has a purpose in our difficulties, this purpose lifts us up to be noble, virtuous, and Christ like, so we may consider it joy.

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