Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why Can I Trust God During This Bad Time?

Maybe the Almighty takes care of saints but we say, "I am not one of those who have earned His blessing; how can I hope he will take care of me now?"

"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." Psalm 91:4

Our heavenly Father wants to protect and care for you. This verse does not say He might or he'll think about it, but that he will defiantly act. He gave his son to pay for your sins against him what is left to him, he already gave the best and dearest.

This does not mean that God has feathers and wings but it is a poetic picture of the loving sacrificial comfort he offers. The picture is of a mother bird becoming the shelter for her young in the nest. The baby birds are defenseless, weak and feeble they have not done anything to earn or merit the mother bird's sacrifice except to exist, we are like that before the Almighty One, there is nothing we can do to earn his sacrifice.

A refuge is a hiding place where you flee to in trouble. It is a fortress-like place that the terror can't enter, either because of the physical barrier it provides or the moral and legal protection it gives. He is willing to be the refuge for you; in Jesus' death, we have found refuge from our greatest terror- that of sin's eternal punishment.

God is basically all the defense you need. A shield offers immediate protection for close combat, and a rampart is a wall around a fort and is the greater defense. He is the shield that will not split or buckle when you are face to face with trouble and the wall that will not fall when you are sheltering behind it.

It is his faithfulness that is the shelter. The Father has avowed his loving kindness and care. He is the reason he will take care of you not because you are so special or better than others, no matter how much you have sinned he will care for you because he promised to not because you earned it.

The biggest thing the Lord has done to provide for you is sending his son to die for your sins. To learn more what this means and how to have eternal life follow this link, click here.

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