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Does A Believer Still Need To Seek The Lord?

God Loves You
Often we hear, "Seek the Lord while he may be found.*" It suggests that you must come to the Savor before it is too late. But after that do you no longer need to seek God with all your heart?

“Blessed are they who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart.” Psalm 119:2 NIV.

This verse promises blessing which conveys that there is more to seeking the Lord than just coming to salvation. Blessings await those who keep on seeking him.

When God says blessed He does not get specific because His greatness and generosity won't be bound. This is very open-ended and truly we cannot imagine all it is.

To do something with all your heart is to pursue it with passion and obsession to the exclusion of other things; you think about it the time and you spend, time, money and effort in its pursuit.

To say, "Seek the Lord" is open-ended, it could mean:
  • Seek to find Him for salvation.
  • Seek to find Him in a decision, or circumstance.
  • Seek to find a fresher, deeper, and clearer view of the Lord.
  • Seek a deeper practical presence of the Lord.
  • It could be so personal that we each have our own intimate definition.
You must be committed to finding the Lord in practical life. Seek Him in daily situations, especially in major decisions, and small ones too. Have the attitude that every event of our day is brought before the Lord in prayer, this is seeking the presence of the Lord. Try to do this with a lot of little prayers; like when you get in the car, or arrive at work, or before starting a chore.  Make regular rest stops in your day to be quiet before the Lord and wait on his prompting in your heart. Have set times like morning devotions where you are free from distractions and spend time with Him in Bible reading, prayer, and quiet meditation.

As you try to seek the Lord try to remember these things:
  • Pray, and ask the Lord to change your heart to want to seek him.
  • Search the scriptures, which reveal the Lord.
  • Practice the presence of the Lord and seek Him throughout the day.
  • Stop hurrying and take opportunities for spontaneous prayer and rest in him.
  • Confess and forsake things that block your view of the Lord.
  • Be willing for God to change your understanding of Him.
  • Be open to personal change.
To seek the Lord is to find blessing.

 * Isaiah 55:6 

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