Friday, June 7, 2013

Can We Undo The Wasted Years?

God Loves You
Everybody has regrets, we look back and see the years that have past, and good opportunities are gone.  No one can turn back the clock but is there anything we can do besides self-pity?

The Bible passage in Joel 2:25 offers hope.

"I will repay you for the years the locust have eaten, the great locust, they young locust the other locust and the locust swarm- my great army that I have sent against you." Joel 2:25. NIV,

Joel 2 is a prophecy of blessing and restoration for God's people on the "Day of the Lord," a future day of kingdom rule.  We can learn much about God from this verse; it gives great personal comfort and hope.

We can't undo the past but God holds the future.  He is able to give the blessing we missed.  He wants to bless and give good to his children.

There is no limit to the dimension of God's work; He is willing not only to fix yesterday's problem but to undo the damage of decades.  He can reach far back and bless far into the future.

The locust may be a metaphor for the unrestrained armies that ravaged the lands in ancient times. The armies stripped the land clean leaving it barren just like swarming locust that covers the land and eats the vegetation leaving a wasteland behind.

Three kinds of locust are referred to in the verse.  God can restore all that is lost not just the major damage from the swarming locust but the damage done by others too. We can be confident that God is able to give back all we have lost.

We may have experienced locust-like destruction that leaves only the dust and rocks behind, but God is sovereign, He knew what was happening and He cares for the loss that we have known.

Many have offered to explain why God allows bad things to happen.  It seems He allows us to make bad choices but He grieves over our mistakes and trials too. Often it is so we learn, or mature, or gain character.  Of course, there are many reasons but this verse suggests that he undoes the loss of those years.

The Bible teaches us everywhere that God wants to bless us with good.  He wants us to come back to Him in humility, repentance, and obedience.  If you want to know more about coming to God and finding restoration for the years of loss then follow this link: Click Here.

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