Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Priorities Make a Good Life?

God Loves You
With the internet, instant communication and information overload we can easily be sucked into a fascination with things that are not the best and even injurious to us. What should we pay attention to, and how should we spend our time?

"Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives tails, rather, train yourself to be godly." 1 Timothy 4:7, NIV.

The word, have, in this context suggests a choice; another word like choose would not change the meaning of the verse, but the word 'have' is stronger. We must be on our guard for those things that become preoccupation to our thinking and take us away from the best.

We must be firm in our choice to turn away from the lesser occupations and pursue the best. We should not have any involvement in things that draw us from The Lord and that which is good. "Nothing" is a clear word and means be void, not minimal, some, or a few but not any at all. We must make it a point to abstain from and refuse to engage in these things.

This is the acid test, godly or godless if we weighed every decision on this measure we will be delivered from many troubles. Moreover, we will have cultivated a healthier mindset and blessing in life.

These are insubstantial, they are like vapors that melt away when tested and are not worthy of the time of one who is dedicated to knowing and serving God. Our times are full of fascination with fantasy and media fiction; sadly we know more about TV shows than we do about the life and words of our Savior.

We need to be disciplined in our lives. This may be foreign to many modern people who are directed by markets and media on how to think and spend their time. To train in the sense of this word is to exercise toward a goal like an Olympics. This training is done with diligence, sacrifice and fervor; it brings all areas of the athlete's life to submit to the rigors of the training- to the athlete the goal is worth the cost of training.

We can train ourselves by a few disciplines.

     * Spend time in the Bible.
     * Meditate on God's Word.
     * Become devoted to prayer.
     * Worship in community with sincerity and truth.
     * Serve God and mankind.
     * Turn away from sin.

It is worth all the effort to obtain godliness and to have the gracious approval of the Father in Heaven.

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