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Is God Against You?

God Loves You
Could God actually be against us? If he is a God of love we might assume he is always for us no matter what; but what if there is a trait or attitude on our part that puts God against us?

"But He gives us more grace. That is why scripture says, "God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble." James 4:6. NIV.

Pride may come in many forms and there is a form of pride that seems to offend God. This is the pride which is referred to as the sin of angles for the Old Testament tells of Satin's boast to set himself up above God and usurp the place of God in the universe. Isaiah 14:12-16. This is the boastful pride of one who considers himself better than others.

Is God Against You?

No one in their right mind would say they are superior to God in power, status, worth, or glory as the fallen angel did, but we live that attitude in many ways. We refuse to acknowledge his authority and resist obeying his commands. We want to live our own lives and not submit to his design for us.

God opposes those who are set on their own course. He is sovereign and we do not know just how he will oppose an individual but we can be assured he will. It may not be at a time we would think or in a way we would expect. What we see may not reflect the secret truths of their lives.

We often say God's ways are not our ways. The world is full of wonderful godly people who live saintly lives of sacrifice and service; many of them live in poverty, struggle in the lower classes of society, and suffer much to follow their conscience. One looks at them and wonder- yet their biographies are full of joy, and gratitude, seldom complaining about their situations and often giving praise to God. They experience God's favor: they are given a grace that is foreign to the mind of the prideful and worldly. God has blessed these humble ones, and they would be quick to say it.

God is long-suffering and patient. When we look at the lives of those who deny God's mastery over them we wonder why God does not bring them to some immediate doom. We must remember that God is patient to give each of us every opportunity to turn from selfish ways and come to accept his will for our lives.

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