Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How Does Fearing God Bring Prosperity? Psalm 25:12

God Loves You
If you fear God you will keep out of trouble with him and society at large but can you actually get ahead in this world by the fear of God?

"Who, then, are those who fear the Lord? The Lord will instruct them in the ways they should choose. They will spend their days in prosperity and their descendants will inherit the land." Psalm 25:12-13, NIV.

The fear of God is a complicated issue. On one hand we should love God and have a sense of gratitude for our lives and his blessings. On the other he is really, really, REALLY powerful and awesome. He creates and gives life so, therefore, he can destroy and take life. His love of mankind has caused him to be merciful toward mankind.

This fear is not the panicked terror of a nightmare but it is a reverential respect and a sense of gratitude for his mercy.  We should acknowledge he has the power to punish wrongs, and as the Perfect Justice, he must. We should also acknowledge it is by his mercy and patience with us that we are here.

Instruct means to give correct teaching; it has the idea of the boss giving the workers their orders for the day. God would teach us the way we should go through life. He has provided us the tools to receive that instruction in our intelligent minds, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and the counsel of wise men.

A stranger does not instruct, the one who instructs must have your respect and obedience. The one who teaches must have some way of communicating with the pupil. God must be known personally to receive his instruction so he has made a way available for us to enter into a relationship with him; a relationship where the barrier of our sins and wrongs are wiped clean through the payment of his Son on the cross on our behalf.

God instructs us in the ways we will choose. God gives us free will and allows us to make choices, some good and others bad. He allows prosperity to happen when we choose those things that are compliant with his instructions. This requires knowledge of God, his ways, and his Word the Bible.

Do not confuse prosperity with wealth. The prosperity of the Bible is more of an enlarging of one's life, it may be finical, or relationships, or service, or gifts of character.

When we come to God through the way he provides we will have a fear that is not dread but of respect, and a fear that is balanced by a love that is greater.

If you want to know more about coming to God follow this link: Click Here.

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