Friday, April 19, 2013

What Does God Think About Your Broken Heart.

God Loves You
We experience a broken heart at different times in our lives, maybe due to some sudden unexpected loss, or when an emotional defeat occurs. Some of us carry a broken heart all through our lives. We know people who are struggling or maybe we ourselves are facing loss and difficulty, but "The Lord is close..."

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."Psalms 34:18 NIV.

To be close can mean more than one thing. Our Father is all-present which means he occupies all space and time, so he is close by in proximity, but to the brokenhearted, he is close to heart. The Lord is not standing off in a corner or finding something else to do while we hurt like some people do when they know we are depressed.His attention is focused on our struggle, He sees our hearts with compassion, and understands our hurts and loss. It is like His heart sees our heart with all-knowing love.

What is worst a broken heart or a "crushed spirit?" A crushed spirit is the feeling of giving up or the hurt of so many defeats that you can't start again. We may often feel like a failure like we can't go on or there is no hope.

Saves is an action word. The Lord is a redeeming God. He wants to rescue us because he loves us. We may not see it or we refuse to see it but God is working on our behalf in ways beyond understanding. It is a comfort to know that the Lord saves. There is something of value in our experiences, there are lessons we learn; there is a purpose, God is doing a mighty work in and through us. We sometimes do not recognize that "saving" at the time but we can count on it.

The Lord saves "those who are crushed in spirit." As we go through a dark time we can count on the promise of this verse and the truth of His character that he is close to us and desires to save us as we go through the times of hurt.

Unfortunately, we put barriers between us and The Lord, you may call it sin or rebellion or stubbornness, but our actions push him away when he is waiting for us to call out for him.

This verse requires a relationship. When we have a relationship with God we find He is with us in many ways; we just need to stop and wait to see Him. When we look we find his hand held out to us. Call out, and come to Him and make Him your Lord and enter into a relationship with the Him.

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