Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why Should I love God?

God Loves You
We know we should love God, the Bible commands us to "Love the Lord your God," Deuteronomy 6:5; it is a good command and a right thing to do; but somehow we are still indifferent to God, and struggle with loving him.

"I love the Lord, for he heard my voice, he heard my cry for mercy." Psalms 116:1, NIV.

This Bible verse shows a person who seems to say they love the Lord. He is not secretive, but appears to be passionate and publicly declares that he loves God.

Love is relational.  This person has a growing relationship with God that led to loving God.  This relationship seems to be built on communication, for he talks to God in prayer.  There is a suggestion of something more because he goes on to say that God has heard his cry for mercy.

We want to be heard, and acknowledged; it validates us and gives us self-worth; but for God to hear our voice is far more.  The barrier between God and man must be dealt with to the satisfaction of Holy God.  We cannot overcome the barrier of our wrongs but God can by his forgiveness to those who seek it.

Mercy is what you need when you are in trouble with the judge.  We might say, "I throw myself upon the mercy of the court."  There are times in your lives when you sense you have done wrong by God or your fellow man.  You may feel a sense of guilt and shame and are aware of the judgment for the wrongs we have done.  You can cry out to God and confess your wrongs and ask his forgiveness.  From this verse, you can be assured that the Lord hears your cry for mercy.  God hears our cry for mercy because He has the power to grant mercy and forgiveness.  When you need mercy, then you need a relationship with the One who has the power to pardon your sins.

We should love God because
     * He is good.
     * He is right.
     * He is generous.
     * He gives us life.
     * He gives us blessing.
     * He loves us.
     * And many more reasons.
But there is one above the others- we should love God because he loves us and so forgives our wrongs when we can't do anything about them ourselves.  We should love God because he sent his son to die in our place to pay for our wrongs, and offers eternal life to those who come to him and accept his gift salvation.

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