Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Find Joy In Life.

God Loves You
We all want to have a good life full of happiness and well-being. We often look to things to give joy, it might be a new gadget, car, or clothes, a better marriage, job, hobby, or set of friends. We are tempted to think that status in job or community will give joy, but soon these things prove weak, watery, and empty of joy.

Our world tells us thousands of times every day that a thing or experience will give us joy. We see advertisements all day long; and discover it to be a lie, but we fall for it over and over. Many have ruined their lives chasing joy.

The ancient poet declares that he found joy and it is recorded in the Bible.

“You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound."
Psalm 4:7 NIV.

The line quoted above is from a prayer-like poem and it is addressed to God. This poet had a relationship with God that gave him more joy than those around him.

This verse says that God can fill the heart with joy; not just give a taste of joy, but that he is able to fill us completely. There is no corner overlooked or space vacant of joy. This fullness suggests that the joy God gives affects all areas of our lives.

Greater is a comparison that says one thing is better in size or worth. The joy the Lord gives is certainly that. He gives greater joy not just your average having a good time joy but greater than what the rest of the world knows.

The wine and grain suggest the gladness of society and the of gathering wealth and goods. The joy the psalmist had goes beyond anything our circle of friends or family can give, and it is greater than the wealth, success, or a good harvest.

He found joy, he didn't say he was hoping to find it someday or he was looking for it. His statement is that he has it. His search was over because it ended in God, the source of true joy. Our hearts were made for God as His dwelling place, and were designed to find fulfillment in Him. We need to make our focus on finding our joy in God.

May you find your joy in Him today and always.

To learn more about how to have a relationship with God follow this link: Click Here.

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