Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Does Thanking God Do For Me?

God Loves You
It is good to thank God for blessings when they arrive but sometimes it is better to thank Him when we are finished with the blessing.

"When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the Lord your God for the good land he has given you."/ Deuteronomy 8:10, NIV.

It is well to ask God's blessing on a meal before we eat but it is also good to thank the Lord when we are satisfied. God has given us many blessings. We have food, shelter, family, shoes etc. We are wealthy by many standards and this is all from the hand of God. When we use these blessings up and we are satisfied is a good time to thank God.

We are struggling in our lives and then God blesses us with some material good.  At that moment we are grateful and then we give God thanks as we should.  As we use the blessing God provided we begin to have a new focus, it is normal human behavior.  We now have the blessing that may require some actions on our part, so as we go about enjoying the blessing we start to lose sight of the one who gives the blessing.  We are just forgetful.

This is the beginning of a decline to pride.  When we forget the one who has given us such blessings, we begin to attribute the blessing to our own good abilities and our own actions.

These three words speak of prosperity, wealth and material good.  The people it was addressed to depended on agriculture, and good land was everything.  Many today live in a "Good Land,"  places of opportunities, liberties and wealth.  It is just like that place that Moses spoke of.  We must remember as we enjoy our blessings to be thankful to God.

Everybody knows thankful people are happier, healthier, more optimistic and just nicer to be around. Yet the benefit goes beyond these things.  We thank and bless God so He is honored.  We do not manipulate God with thanksgiving to get favors; even though we have promises in the Bible that He rewards those who honor him.

Thankfulness protects us from the danger of pride; that sin which caused Satin's fall.* When we forget to thank God we are making a statement to ourselves that we have nothing to be grateful for, or that we are above gratitude, and what could be more prideful or arrogant?

Thanksgiving should be as common as eating.

*Isaiah 14:12-17

If you are interested in learning more about Gods plan for your eternal blessing follow this link: Salvation.

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