Saturday, January 5, 2013

What is The Worst Thing You Can Do?

There are many wrongs we can commit and wrongs we can do by omission. Some transgressions are against God and others hurt loved ones. What if there is one sin that is worse than all others? Shouldn't we want to be aware of it, especially if it hurts a loved one? The ancient prophet feared one sin in particular.

"As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against you by failing to pray for you. And I will teach you the way that is good and right." 1 Samuel 12:23, NIV.

Samuel as one of Israel's greatest prophets led the nation spiritually and politically. His leadership was not always well received by the people even though it was endorsed by God. The verse above comes from the time when the people asked for a king to rule over them, this was a rejection of God and of Samuel. Samuel could have said something like, "OK. if you wash your hands of me I wash mine of you." Instead he reaffirms his commitment to the people. The greatest thing he can do for the people is to pray for them. The prophet had a duty to pray for the people but he takes it further saying it is a sin not to pray for them. He says, "Far be it from me..." To not pray is the last thing he would think of doing.

Not to pray for the people was a sin for Samuel. The Bible teaches that all who believe have the responsibility of priesthood. We are commanded to pray for one another, so is a sin to not pray for others.

God has given the gift of prayer to mankind.  He always wanted to share his power and make mankind the partner in his works*. He seems to hold back the good he would do waiting for our partnership expressed by prayer to enable him to do wonders.

Since God has made us his partners in doing good and if we fail to pray we are not doing our part to allow the good God would do to be done. Being God his ability to do good is infinite, so we have the power to see infinite good happen in the lives of our family and friends.

Believers who come to God through faith in the work and sacrifice of his son on the cross for sins have a relationship to God with the great blessings of son-ship and a special privilege to pray. If The All-powerful Creator of the universe has promised that if we ask anything in his name he will give it1 and if we fail to pray we rob others of the possibility of the actions of The All-powerful God in their behalf. Could we commit a greater sin against another by not praying to The All-powerful God to move on their behalf?

Let us all be people of prayer.

*God the Creator did not need a gardener if he has the ability to create the universe and gardens so he must have another reason to put Adam in the garden. As soon as God created man he began to share with man a partnership of some kind. The Bible teaches a progression of God sharing his partnership in glory starting the account of Adam serving in and sharing Gods garden in Eden and ends with man sharing God's glory in heaven.

John 14:14

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