Monday, April 16, 2012

Personal Peace, an Example From Psalms. Psalm 4:8

God Loves You
Here is a short post that points to the direction where we can find lasting personal peace.


We want to find personal peace, peace from our struggles, our guilty feelings, and the baggage we carry.

"I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety."Psalm 4:8, NIV.

This is a bold statement because the Psalmist is not saying he hopes to lie down in peace, or maybe he might lie down, but he is certain; he says, "I will..." He is confident that he will lie down and sleep in peace.

This statement covers it all, he will not just turn and toss trying to fall asleep only then be awaken by bad dreams. Instead he is going to lie down in a restful repose; he is going to fall asleep, and sleep in peace without disturbances in thought or dreams.

He is the envy of people today who live with worry and fear, we might think he lived in a golden age of tranquility, but the psalmist was a warrior poet who lived in conflict from the sworn enemies of his king, he was in jeopardy from palace intrigue, as well as the vindictive jealousy of the king.  No one would have blamed him if he said, "I stay awake all night with so much on my mind;" instead in spite of all the events and challenges in his life he is able to say confidently he will lie done an sleep in peace.

Why could he make such a positive affirmation? It is because he is not relying on his own cleverness, strength, or security measures; it is because he is relying on the Lord who is wiser, all powerful, and all watching. He had faith in the living Almighty Master Of The Universe who is Ruler Of All to watch over him.  His reliance on the Lord was complete, it was not an appendix to other measures, and there was no backup plan- it was the Lord and the Lord alone.

To lay down in peace was not all, but the psalmist said the Lord made him dwell in safety. We can find that same safety in the Lord, if you do not have peace look to the Lord to make you dwell in safety. We can find peace with God. When we come to God through faith in his Son Jesus who died to pay for our sins and rose again in victory over sin, judgment, and death, we are given new life; and are eternally secure in the safety of God's promise of forgiveness. Come to God through Jesus and you, too, can say, "I will lie down and sleep in peace."

A Prayer:
Lord God of the entire universe
I will lie down and sleep in peace.
and ruler of all nations.
I am full of worry and stress
I have no peace, no victory.
I surrender my fears to you
and I look to you alone
and no other thing
to be my success.
You are the prince of peace
I ask for that peace
and receive it by faith
Thank you for your peace.
In Jesus name amen.

This kind of peace comes from knowing God and having peace with that God. If you want to know more about having peace with God follow this link: see my other blog.
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