Monday, May 2, 2011

What Is The Bible's Key to Happiness? Psalm 115:13

God Loves You
We look at those that are well off and think they are blessed.  Where do blessings come from, and how do we get them?

“The Lord remembers us and will bless us; he will bless the house of Israel, he will bless the house of Aaron, he will bless those who fear the Lord- small and great alike.” Psalm 115:12-13, NIV.

The Bible uses the word bless, blessed, or blessing many times; it is to have favor with God, gift or virtue that only God can give.

This verse says "He will bless" four times. Blessing comes from God. You can look anywhere you want for blessings such as a relationship, job, wealth, marriage; success in something or in some way but blessing comes from Him. It seems Our Heavenly Father wants to bless without regard to status for the verse says "small and great."

Many are confused by the idea of fearing the Lord, and ask if He is a God of Love why he demands we fear him? But it is because He is a God of love...
  • It is wise for us to fear his power. 
  • It is good for us to live within the boundaries of his commandments. 
  • It is safe and healthy to do right and not to do evil. 
  • He is awesome and mighty and if he chooses he can execute unpardonable judgment. 
Whatever other reasons for fearing God the fact remains he does require us to fear him.

The paraphrased version helps a little here, it uses the word "Obey," giving the sense that fear of God is close to obeying Him. "The Lord will bless those who love and obey him from the smallest to the greatest." Psalm 115:13 Paraphrased.

Blessing is not just for a special people but anyone who fears the Lord will be blessed. "He will bless those who fear the Lord- small and great alike."

The Bible tells us that blessing is available to any who fulfill God's requirement. This requirement is not out of reach of any person, God asks us to “Fear the Lord.”

Besides who would not want to have the blessing of The Almighty? Though He asks for obedience, service, respect, and an appreciation of His awesome power, He is worthy of all these things and we should be glad to give it.  That He is going to bless us for it is incredible!   He does not need to but He has promised to.

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