Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Find Trustworthy Help for Today's Problems Psalm 20:7

God Loves You
We all are looking for a fix to the problems in our world and lives. We look to government, education, an idea, a pill, or self-will, a program or a friendship. Solving our problems comes down to who you trust, doctors, politicians, professors, yourself, or someone else.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Psalm 20:7 NIV.

This Psalm points to the nameless"some." This “some” do not accomplish significance; do not get their names noted for deeds of greatness or valor. They are forgotten because they have“trust in chariots and some in horses.” In ancient times if someone said they were trusting in chariots and horses the answer would have been “duh, of course, stupid.” The chariot was the Sherman tank of the day: with 2 or 4 wheels full of warriors this was a fearsome thing to stand in front of in battle. Cavalry were quick and nimble. One or both assured dominance on the field of battle.

Here is the turn of ideas, "but..." What a great and powerful word! This "but" means instead, or more over, or better than. It is like saying, “Pay attention- we are going to get to the heart of the matter now.” “We trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Volumes have been written about faith. Here faith is an active decisive trust where you let God be Lord. It appears to defy logic but this is better than all the solutions the world has to offer. It is hard because you can kick a chariot or pat a horse but you can’t see God the same way.

Faith is no better than the object the faith is placed in. If you stand in front of the charging chariots and hold up a jelly sandwich and declare, "I trust in the power of this jelly sandwich to give me victory!" Well, you know where that will end up! What better thing to trust in than the "Name of Lord our God?" To trust in his Name is to join in His identity, to be included in the interest and agenda of the Sovereign Creator of the universe. His name carries all the authority of His power and the command of His ruling Lordship.

We must trust God, we must tell Him we trust Him and then step back from the chariots and horses we were about to ride into battle and let Him show the victory.

To learn how to know God personally follw this link.

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