Friday, March 18, 2011

A Plan that Guarantees Victory, Psalm 18:29

God Loves You
We feel like there are too many battles to fight and we are losing them all. The ancient Warrior King David knew the answer for all battles.

"For by You I can run against a troop. By my God I can leap over a wall." Psalm 18:29, NIV.

There are conflicts we face that come upon us unexpectedly, like a soldier that must face a "troop" out in the field. Other conflicts we see coming, like a soldier who is commanded to attack a city wall. The two events pictured here were awesome in their day. To run against a troop when a battle was basically hand to hand is a no-win situation, and the thought here is he is running against a troop singlehandedly! The walls surrounding a city were three or four stories high it would take mythical strength to leap one, and then you are alone inside fighting the whole city!

The first step to victory is counting that you are not alone, "For by You..." We have a companion; one who willingly and joyfully goes with us through our task. This companion is near, when David says, "by You..." it is like he is talking to someone right next to him. We must remember God is as close as a prayer. As two soldiers must constantly stay in communication in battle so we also must constantly talk it through with our God.

It is not by our own ideas or inner strength that we overcome our challenges, but, "By my God..." We must turn to God, and remember what we know about Him. In prayer, we need to invite Him along to the battle. It is not just ''by God's help." No, that would suggest He is only a partner like a 50/50 thing; instead, it is 100% by God that we can run against a troop or leap a wall.

When we say we won by a strategy, or we finished by hard work, we are taking credit for the power that accomplished a thing. David was giving credit to the One who truly deserves it. He calls God "My God." We must make the God of the Bible our God. When we came to God through His Son Jesus God we can say “He is My God, and My helper.”

I hope that by God you have victory today.

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