Friday, September 24, 2010

Foundations in Leadership 1.3 For South Columbia Baptist Church Awana

This is handout 1.3 (The Leader's Example) in Foundations to Leadership. I wrote it to help develop the Youth Leaders (LITs) in our Awana Club. This hand-out and others like it are given the the kids at the end of club to take home and review during the week. They write out answers to the questions which they then discuss with a mentor, and return to club. I do not object to it being copied and used.

Foundations in leadership.1.3
The unpopular fact of leadership: The example.

“Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.” 1Corinthian 11:1, NIV.

You are the illustration of what a Christian is to the young kids in Awanas. Some kids may have never known a real Christian before meeting you. They are watching you today so they can imitate you tomorrow. Your example will influence their decision to live for Christ.

1. What does it mean to follow the example of Christ?

2. How did Paul follow Christ example?

3. How can you better follow Jesus example.

4. What things did Jesus’ life illustrate? What kid of things did he do?

5. How can we do these things?

6. Jesus chose the twelve to “Be with him.” (Mark 3:13-15) So they could see his life and follow his example. How can you be with Jesus?

7. List 3 practical steps will you take to “Be with Jesus” to learn his example?

8. What things can you do to set a more Jesus like example to the kids at Awanas?

Review answers with a mentor or parent. Mentor/ or parent’s signature._________________.

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