Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Thankful, Psalm 107:1

God Loves You
No matter what troubles we face there are some things that are always true. Though simple and basic these foundations will keep us going when sophisticated psychology fails.

"Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 107:1, NIV.

To "give thanks to the Lord" helps us to have a proper focus and attitude. It helps us to get our eyes off of ourselves and our personal private pity parties and start to rejoice in the better and best God has given us. It is correct to give thanks to God because He is deserving of our gratitude.

God seems to value a thankful attitude, and He responds to our gratitude in a positive way. It only makes sense because any good in our lives is a result of His compassion and mercy.

We could list all the things we can be thankful for but above all, we should be thankful for is the very nature of God "for he is Good." The very essence of God is goodness. No matter how bad things are in your life if the Lord were not good your life would be much, much worse. We confuse the wickedness of the world for an expression of God but the wickedness of the world is an expression of our humanity's sins. Whatever our sorrow the goodness of God has been at work and held back more trials than we know about.

Not only is God Good but we can be thankful that "his love endures forever." Nothing any of us does can stop His love. His love does not become exhausted. We can't wear it out, and whatever experience we have will not change the love of God. Something that "endures" does not fade or diminish; it withstands the things that oppose it. The love that God has for us will endure all the disasters that come into our lives. God's love is "forever" there will never be a time that His love is gone, it does not have an expiration date and there is not a loophole clause to His love. He will love you forever.

We should be thankful as people, and of all the things we can be thankful for the greatest is the goodness of our loving God. Let us remember to thank Him at all times and in all circumstances.


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