Sunday, May 30, 2010

Advice To The Rebel. Proverbs 21:30

God Loves You
Often we feel frustrated and that the universe is against us, but maybe we are the ones who are against the heart of the universe.

“There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord.” Proverbs 21:30, NIV.

The three "no" statements cover everything. First, "no wisdom," that is the power of applied knowledge. All of your intelligence, acumen, or understanding cannot succeed against the Lord.

Then it says, "no insight," insight is that exceptional knowledge that can deduce the inner working it is to understand what is hidden.  All the efforts of superior thinking can’t win against the Lord.

Lastly, it says "no plan," that is the thoughtfully crafted detailed agenda.  You cannot make any map, or blueprint that will succeed against the Lord.

No matter if you take them by themselves or combine them together wisdom, insight, and plans, if you oppose God you will fail.

Even the casual thinker sees how ludicrous it is to oppose God who is all seeing, all powerful, and knows all future events; you can’t outsmart The Almighty.  There is no way to oppose an all-powerful God and succeed.

A person would laugh at the idea of going against God, but many of us, even devoted churchgoers, are doing just that!  We oppose God in subtle ways of rebellion, such as...
     * We may harbor a sinful pet fantasy in our secret thoughts
     * We nurture an unforgiving attitude toward someone.
     * We nurture a heart felt bitterness.
     * We fail to do the good when we have an opportunity.
     * We may say, “I'll do this service for God, but I’ll do it MY way, and since it is for God it will be OK.”
     * We say, “I can disobey this one rule because I am a special person to God.”

Such attitudes are ultimately against God and just will not succeed.

To oppose God in even the smallest issue is to diminish the life He has given you and to reject the blessings He has for you; it is a futile and frustrating endeavor.  In the end you will have loneliness, spiritual poverty, and an empty heart.  At best you will serve as an object lesson that the powerless created man cannot succeed against the All Powerful Creator of the Universe.

Let us seek the Lord and find His will; let us not oppose Him but submit to His loving guidance.

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