Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Simple Reminder of A Good Truth. Psalm 100:5

God Loves You
We say God is good, and we hear the doctrine over and over since childhood, but do we have a clue what it means?

“For the Lord is good and his love endures for ever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Psalm 100:5. NIV.

If God is good and if God is infinite then He must be infinitely good. If you took all the goodness you ever experienced and measured it against a yardstick of God’s goodness your experience of good would be a fraction of the first line on that stick.

If you took all the good experienced by every human who ever lived and measured it against God's goodness it might be an inch on that same yardstick. The goodness of God would stretch beyond the yardstick, going past the stars, and past the boundaries of all galaxies. God's goodness is infinite because He is infinite; there is no measuring it, and no end to it.

God does not sit on His throne being good only for Himself, nor is He good just for the sake of goodness. If goodness is not directed toward a need it is not definable as good. God's goodness is given context when it is directed toward our need. It is even His goodness that we experience it.

Goodness without love is like a vehicle without fuel. No matter how beautiful the vehicle is, without fuel, it is only a monument to be admired. God's love propels His goodness toward us with actions on our behalf. We are the recipients of both God's goodness and His love.

God's goodness and love will never change. Every relationship we know changes, and people change, but God does not change. He is the same today as when we first experienced faith. He is the same God that has come through in the past. His goodness endures forever; we will not outlast it, wear it out or use it up. His goodness will never decay, rust, wear out, or disappear. He is faithful and committed to His goodness. We may fail Him, and even give up, but He continues to show faithfulness, love, and goodness.

Suffering causes us to wonder at God's goodness. We are not like God so we can't understand what He is doing. Our view is limited, but if we saw the whole we would wonder at the beauty. We must trust in His goodness. No matter what your struggle, difficulty, or test, remember God is good and more- He is faithful and loving. His infinite loving goodness is directed toward you.

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