Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Need to Stop And Look. Psalm 105:4, NIV

God Loves You
We live in a time that is rich in resources and services so we tend to rely on social structures and our own strength to find answers and help in our needy lives. Still, we ask, “Where can we go for help?” We are so busy coping with life that we forget to look to the Author of Life

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” Psalm 105:4, NIV.

This may sound elementary to a life of faith, but so often we forget to simply look to the Lord. We must remind ourselves to look to the One who is Savior, friend, and master; we must remind ourselves to find His strength to live.

To "look" and to "seek" are two different things. A look is instant; you look while being in one place, and are easily satisfied with seeing.

To seek is more. You may go from place to place and seek; it takes more time and commitment. To seek involves your heart and it is to dig deeper and go farther. Our relationship with Jesus is both of these things at different times.

In our trials, we are to "Seek his face." We need to seek a deeper intimate walk with our Savior in good times and bad. We must strive to know him personally and face to face. our lives should be full of intimate communion with Jesus,

Look to the Lord and seek the Lord daily by:

Reading the Word of God, the Bible.
Being quiet before Him, letting Him speak to your heart.
Meditating on Him.

"Always" is continuous and every time. We must not tire of looking to and seeking the Lord.

Sometimes we only seek Him when a crisis presses on us and then we seek the Lord for that issue, or a fear hounds our thoughts or a temptation draws us away. In those times and in times of peace we need to seek the Lord.

We are never done seeking His face. Salvation by faith it is only the beginning. We need a lifestyle of knowing Jesus better and more intimately today than yesterday. Seeking Jesus is going to take time, require sacrifice, and choices. God rewards those who seek him persistently. We'll find depths to our Lord to celebrate, beauties we'll never tire of, and so much more to appreciate and love.

There will never be a time that the Lord is not relevant. Make looking to him and seeking his face a daily- even moment by moment habit.
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