Monday, February 8, 2010

Is There Hope For Those Who Want To Be Loved? Psalm 67:6

God Loves You
All of us to live solitary lives at some time or another. Is here hope for those who want to be loved?

“God sets the lonely in families he leads the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.” Psalm 67: 6, NIV.

This verse begins with a wonderful God, who is love and compassionate. God sees the lonely and He cares. We must let God act in this. Let Him set the lonely in families.

Let God put us “in” a family. If we do it on our own we risk missing the target; we might end up as only part of a family but not “in” a family. Our own efforts risk second best, so avoid solutions that do not have God in them.

God does nothing as an afterthought; that “God sets the lonely in” implies preparation. God knows that family is one of our deepest needs, and He lovingly readies the family for us. You ruin a cake if you pull it out of the oven too soon, so we must wait for our loving God to finish what He is going to set us into.

Pray about our loneliness. It is not selfish or vain to tell God about our needs. In such praying we pour it out to God, He can handle it, and we need to talk to Him.

God made us to know Him and the part of us that longs for love also longs for God; our loneliness is an echo of the deeper need for companionship with our Creator. Until the time God “sets” you in a family make God your family. When we make God our family He makes us ready for the family He will give.

Spend time with Him like you would a family member.

     * Talk to Him in prayer.
     * Love him.
     * Pursue the things He is doing.
     * Serve God in the church and your community.
     * Listen to Him in reading the Bible.

We may feel imprisoned by our loneliness but pray and take this verse as yours and claim it as a contract with God and He will lead you with songs.

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