Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Your Heart Can Be A Guide, What The Bible Says, Exodus 25:2

People like to say, “Follow your heart,” or “Trust in your heart,” but the heart is fickle and generally a poor guide. So, can the heart be trustworthy guide?

“Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. You are to receive the offering for me from each man whose heart prompts him to give.” Exodus 25:2. NIV.

The word, “prompt,” can mean to cause somebody to act, or bring about something; it could mean to remind somebody of what they ought to do.

Many people of faith practice a daily worship and prayer time with Bible reading, prayer, and then "wait” in silence for the Lord to prompt them. The prompt maybe a thought to encourage someone or an idea to do a service, sometimes it is awareness to forsake a sin, and sometimes it is a sense of peace.

There is a danger of false prompting because our hearts waver between the old worldly nature and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. People become fools and cause pain by following a longing of the heart that seemed to them like a spirit led prompting.

Moses spoke to a pre-Christian people who did not have the indwelling Holy Spirit; or God’s written revelation, the Bible, for guidance. So Moses gave specific instructions as to what to bring, gold, cloth, etc. We have God’s Word and we must weigh the “Prompt” against the Bible. The Spirit of God will never direct us to disobey the Word of God. When you receive a “prompting” ask yourself if there is a verse that supports this action; or one that opposes it? Then pray with thankfulness to the Lord for His leading and ask for His help to fulfill the command.

There are no formulas that promise spiritual reward, instead we must have a relationship with the Lord. The “seeking- waiting- and listening in stillness” for the prompting of the Lord is part of that relationship experience. May we develop the attitude of always listening for the prompting of the Lord in our hearts, not only in my daily personal morning worship but throughout your day.

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