Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where Can I Find Joy In My Life? Psalm 86:4

God Loves You
Many people of faith will quote the verse which teaches that Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, (Galatians 6:22), but it is not only a fruit of the Spirit it is much more.

“Bring joy to your servant, for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.” Psalm 86:4, NIV.

This verse is a one sentence prayer. It is simple, and easy to forget that we should pray and ask God for the blessing of joy.

Sin robs us of joy. As we pray for joy we must confess and repent of anything that offends God. If we offend God we should not expect Him to bless us.

Beware of false joy. Things, relationships, wealth, and entertainments look like joy because they give us temporary happiness. Joy exceeds happiness, which comes from things around us. God is the source of true joy; we must look to the Lord to experience real joy.

Service adds to joy. The psalmist calls himself “Servant." We have lost the impact of that word in our modern world. He implies he is God’s slave. Not just hired help but he has sold himself to God.

Joy is fulfilled in the Lordship relationship. We call God “Lord” and He is the ruler we must obey. It is a dangerous lie to call God Lord if you are not obeying him. Obedience leads to experiencing a relationship with God and more joy.

Devotion to God adds to joy. The psalmist surrenders himself to God; he says “I lift up my soul.” He totally gave himself to God, body, mind and soul. When he says “I lift up my soul” it means he holds nothing back.

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My prayer for joy.

Dear Father God, Your Glory is full of joy.
I have rejected joy in my life for too long.
Forgive me the sins that cause You offense,
and rob me of the joy You offer to me.
Help me by Your Spirit to turn from those sins.
Help me to stop chasing joy’s vain imposters,
And to look to You alone for my joy.
I know You want to bless me with the fruit of joy,
May You fulfill the Spirit of joy in me.
I accept joy by faith now and receive it.
Thank You for beginning the fruit of joy in me.

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