Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Does any one really know why Jesus came, or what his purpose was? Luke 19:10.

God Loves You
There are many explanations and views of Jesus, but shouldn't we consider what he said about himself and his purpose?

“For the son of man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Luke 19:10, NIV.

When Jesus calls himself the “Son of Man” he is humbly identifying with the common people of this lost world. The phrase “Son of Man,” says he is fully all of what man is. The problems of man are the problems dear to his heart too. This is an idea that goes beyond identity and empathy.

To say he “came” is to suggest he had a pre-existence. The Son of Man came to this world from someplace. Other scriptures make it clear Jesus said he was with the Father (God) in the beginning. He is saying his identity is one and the same as God. So we may know Jesus is God became man.

To "seek" is to search diligently, to strive for something, and it may include a struggle. Jesus “seeks” the lost, and he sees each one of us. When we are far from him he looks for us. He doesn't just look from some cosmic telescope in the heavenly clouds but he becomes a man and walks our dusty roads and looks for the lost souls around every corner.

Jesus came to seek but also to "save" the lost. Those who are lost face an eternal darkness without hope unless Jesus saves them. To save something is to rescue it or to keep it from destruction. We need to be saved because of the punishment due to our sins.

We all are the "lost." We are searching for a way, searching for a purpose and meaning to our lives. We feel we are off the path that takes us to God. Mankind was the crown jewel of God’s creation but became lost because of Adam’s sin and our own sin. Jesus seeks those who will be saved. He does not force salvation on us but offers it. He searches for those of us who will respond and receive him.

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